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def lib.tools_geo.rotPointCC (x, y, angle, ox=0, oy=0)
 The following functions are used for calculating geometry. More...
def lib.tools_geo.rotateVector (angle, vect, inputRadians=False)
def lib.tools_geo.vectorsToAngleDegCC (x1, y1, x2, y2)
def lib.tools_geo.getSYfromXY (qx, qy, splines, matchHeadingStrength=10.0, vx=0.0, vy=0.0, orientation=False)
def lib.tools_geo.matchSplineNearest (qx, qy, splines)
def lib.tools_geo.matchSplineNearestHeading (qx, qy, splines, vx, vy, matchHeadingStrength=10.0)
def lib.tools_geo.getXYfromSY (s, spline, y=0)
def lib.tools_geo.getOrientation (P1, P2, P3)
def lib.tools_geo.getNearestXYinSplineFromXY (qx, qy, splines, searchPoint=0, searchRadius=5)
def lib.tools_geo.searchSplineProximity (splineA, splineB, minProximity=5.0, intersectionToEdgeMinFactor=2.0)
def lib.tools_geo.searchSplineContinuousProximity (splineA, splineB, minProximity=5.0, minContinuousDistance=12)
def lib.tools_geo.subsec_spline_dist_incremental (spline)
def lib.tools_geo.subsec_spline_dist_cumulative (spline)
def lib.tools_geo.interpolateSplinePoints (positions, fraction)
def lib.tools_geo.interpolateVectorSeries (vectors, fraction)
def lib.tools_geo.lineInter (P1, P2, P3, P4)
def lib.tools_geo.polyInter (P1, P2, poly, intersectEdges=False)
def lib.tools_geo.pip (x, y, poly)
def lib.tools_geo.midpoint (P1, P2)
def lib.tools_geo.orthogonal_point_extension (distance, O, P1, PN1=None)
def lib.tools_geo.orthogonal_joint_midpoint (O, P1, P2)
def lib.tools_geo.points_are_segmented (P1, P2, A, B)
def lib.tools_geo.ppd (args)
def lib.tools_geo.ppdSearchSquared (x1, y1, x2, y2, distanceSquared)
def lib.tools_geo.ppldb2p (qx, qy, p0x, p0y, p1x, p1y)