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 ProgressBar. More...



def (message, justifyWidth=50)
 Output & debug. More...
def (message, label='Warning', indent=0)
def (message, label='Notice', indent=0)
def ()
def (tableData, indent=4, padding=' ')
def (threads, iterable, padvalue=None, asList=True)
 Iterable operations. More...
def (haystack, needle=None, returnIndeces=False)
def (data)
def (data)
def (start, stop, step)
def (data)
def (nonUniqueList)
def (dictA, dictB, overwrite=False, customMergeCommand=None)
def (var)
def (var)
def (pattern, path=os.getcwd(), returnList=False, prependPath=True)
 File IO and metadata. More...
def (filename, countLimit=None)
def (kwargs, func)
 Function tools. More...
def ()
 Pickling hacks. More...
def (cmd_stack)
 Process manipulation. More...
def (cmd, timeout=0, prependMsg='', descriptor='command', debug=False, logging=None, verbose=0)
def (cmds, threads=1, timeout=0, prependMsg='', descriptor='command', sungrid=False, debug=False, logging=None, stopIfError=False, verbose=0)
def (pid)
def (variable, name='', indent=0, column_size=45, verbose=0)
 Debug. More...
def (obj, verbose=1)
def (list_, names=[], verbose=1)

Variables = tvaConfig.Fore() = tvaConfig.Back() = tvaConfig.Style()