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1 #!/usr/bin/env python
2 # tvaLib Copyright (c) 2012-2016 Paul G. St-Aubin
3 # Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, McGill University
4 # Python 2.7; (dt) Spyder Windows 10 64-bit; ipython Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit
9 import os
10 from argparse import ArgumentParser
11 from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
12 from sys import platform
13 from tempfile import gettempdir
14 from collections import OrderedDict
16 from lib.tools_parse import list1D as parse_list1D
17 from lib.tools_constructors import SuperList
22 class Config():
23  def __init__(self, readonly=False, filename='tva.cfg'):
24  self.filename=filename
25  self.config = ConfigParser()
28 = OrderedDict()
29['dir'] = ConfigValue('Main', default='', comment='Root directory where the video data and metadata database is stored and output will be written')
30['dbn'] = ConfigValue('Main', default='scene.sqlite', comment='Metadata database filename, typically scene.sqlite')
31['meta_db'] = ConfigValue('Main', default='meta_db.csv', comment='Optional metadata csv to accompany scene.sqlite')
32['path_to_trafint'] = ConfigValue('Main', default='', comment='Root path to Traffic-Intelligence')
33['autoflush_version'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=False, comment='Automatically flush cached data of an older version')
34['autoflush_ver_depth'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=3, comment='Version depth to determine data flushing')
35['debug'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=False, comment='Dev debugging mode')
36['language'] = ConfigValue('Main', default='en', comment='Plotting language, some interface elements also supported')
37['advanced_runtime'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=False, comment='Force runtime even if some dependencies couldn\'t be loaded')
38['s_proc_max_exec_time_in_s'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=300, comment='Maximum runtime of subprocesses')
39['readonly'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=False, comment='If set to True, this config will not be modified by the program')
40['disable_colour'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=False, comment='If set to True, coloured text mode will be forced to disabled')
41['output_folder'] = ConfigValue('Main', default='Analysis', comment='All output will be dumped in a folder with this name in the root directory')
42['calibration_folder'] = ConfigValue('Main', default='Calibration', comment='Calibration folder')
43['default_sequence_no'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=2, comment='This is the id of the sequence (in order, starting from 1) that will be used if no sequence is specified and if data must be collected from a single sequence.')
44['scratch_disk'] = ConfigValue('Main', default='tmp', comment='Path to a location/disk where temporary files will be stored. Leave as "tmp" to use the OS\'s default temporary directory.')
45['classification_method'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=0, comment='Classification method to be used. 0=speed, 1=hog')
46['alignmentOverride'] = ConfigValue('Main', default=False, comment='Set to true to override the check for alignment data completion.')
48['interactive_max_col_size1'] = ConfigValue('Interface', default=20, comment='Interactive site selection column 1 width')
49['interactive_max_col_size2'] = ConfigValue('Interface', default=40, comment='Interactive site selection column 2 width')
50['interactive_max_col_size3'] = ConfigValue('Interface', default=60, comment='Interactive site selection column 3 width')
52['MOT_max_distance'] = ConfigValue('MOT', default=10.0, comment='Maximum search distance for MOT')
53['MOT_max_generations'] = ConfigValue('MOT', default=0, comment='Maximum genetic algorithm generations to generate during optimization procedure')
54['MOT_population_size'] = ConfigValue('MOT', default=20, comment='Maximum genetic algorithm population size to simulate each generation')
55['MOT_end_criteria'] = ConfigValue('MOT', default=0.95, comment='MOT optimization will end after reaching this score')
56['MOT_save_all'] = ConfigValue('MOT', default=False, comment='MOT optimization will save all the files generated when set to True')
57['MOT_save_best'] = ConfigValue('MOT', default=False, comment='MOT optimization will save best file generated when set to True')
58['MOT_save_all_dir_name'] = ConfigValue('MOT', default='MOT_SavedFiles', comment='Directory where MOT analysis results (all) will be saved')
60['video_out_fourcc'] = ConfigValue('VideoData', default='MJPG', comment='fourcc codec to use when recoding; e.g. MJPG or X264')
61['mps_kmh'] = ConfigValue('VideoData', default=3.6, comment='I.e. 3.6. It is not recommended to change this')
62['max_speed'] = ConfigValue('VideoData', default=100, comment='Maximum possible observed speed assumed, in km/h')
63['timehorizon'] = ConfigValue('VideoData', default=10.0, comment='Maximum time in future to predict conflicts, in seconds')
64['loop_radius'] = ConfigValue('VideoData', default=3, comment='Radius size of virtual loops, in metres')
65['max_obj_features'] = ConfigValue('VideoData', default=400, comment='Maximum number of features to load per object (memory saving feature). HOG classification (method 1) performs better with more features.')
66['img_box_height_compensation'] = ConfigValue('VideoData', default=True, comment='If true, compensate the center of the image box, compensating for the parralax error of a trajectory due to height.')
68['pred_minSampleSize'] = ConfigValue('DMP', default=10, comment='Minimum sample size to make a DMP motion prediction')
69['pred_probability_threshold'] = ConfigValue('DMP', default=0.00001, comment='Minimum prediction probability threshold for a motion pattern to be conserved')
71['up_maxUserPairsPerHour'] = ConfigValue('Conflicts', default=4000, comment='Maximum number of user pairs per hour to analyze (if there are more, user pairs will be subsampled evenly)')
72['up_maxDistance'] = ConfigValue('Conflicts', default=50.0, comment='Maximum distance between road users in order to consider them a pair')
73['col_probability_threshold'] = ConfigValue('Conflicts', default=0.001, comment='Minimum collision probability threshold for a conflict to be registered')
75['monthly_expansion_factors'] = ConfigValue('Traffic Data', default=[0.083,0.083,0.083,0.083,0.083,0.083,0.083,0.083,0.083,0.083,0.083,0.083], c_struct='list1D', comment='')
76['doweek_expansion_factors'] = ConfigValue('Traffic Data', default=[0.1428,0.1428,0.1428,0.1428,0.1428,0.1428,0.1428], c_struct='list1D', comment='')
77['hourly_expansion_factors'] = ConfigValue('Traffic Data', default=[0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417,0.0417], c_struct='list1D', comment='')
79['draw_max_traj'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default=300, comment='Maximum trajectories to work with with visual tools')
80['plot_dropped_traj'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default=False, comment='Plot trajectories that were dropped in a separate folder')
81['plot_text_size'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default=16, comment='Size of text')
82['cm_colour'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default='hot', comment='\n')
83['speed_map_u_scale'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default=50, comment='Upper speed limit to plot histograms to')
84['hex_grid_dimension'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default=[60,60], c_struct='list1D', comment='Dimensions for hex grid')
85['hex_grid_min_size'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default=1.0, comment='Minimum size of hex (in m) to use (overrides hex_grid_dimension as necessary)')
86['figsize'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default=[15.0,12.0], c_struct='list1D', comment='Default figure size')
87['minVFcount'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default=10, comment='Minimum vectors to draw vector field')
88['TTCthreshSeconds'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default=1.5, comment='Maximum value of TTC for threshold TTC plotting, in seconds')
89['font_family'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default='Arial', comment='Plotting font')
90['fig_bg_colour'] = ConfigValue('Plotting', default='#ffffff', comment='Plotting background (transparent if none)')
92['disp_timehorizon'] = ConfigValue('Analysis', default=5.0, comment='Maximum time in future to compound conflict data, in seconds')
94['corridorMinProximity'] = ConfigValue('Network', default=5.0, comment='')
95['corridorMinContDistance'] = ConfigValue('Network', default=20.0, comment='')
96['connectorSearchDistance'] = ConfigValue('Network', default=5.0, comment='')
97['intersectionDistanceFactor'] = ConfigValue('Network', default=3.0, comment='')
99['f_bb_max_outside_dist'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=2.0, comment='')
100['f_bb_containment_threshold'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=0.96, comment='')
101['f_bb_loopback_ver_frames'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=20, comment='')
102['f_so_hard_maxSpeed'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=6.0, comment='')
103['f_so_soft_maxSpeed'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=2.0, comment='')
104['f_so_max_angle'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=45.0, comment='')
105['f_te_config_min_traj_len'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=20, comment='')
106['f_td_min_sep_distance'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=8.0, comment='')
107['f_td_min_sep_velocity'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=8.0, comment='')
108['f_cl_align_window_m'] = ConfigValue('Filter Params', default=4.0, comment='')
110['fs_search_window'] = ConfigValue('Filter_Stitch', default=50, comment='')
111['fs_max_dwell_time'] = ConfigValue('Filter_Stitch', default=0.66, comment='')
112['fs_speed_adj_factor'] = ConfigValue('Filter_Stitch', default=1000.0, comment='')
113['fs_speed_sim_limit_min'] = ConfigValue('Filter_Stitch', default=10, comment='')
114['fs_speed_similarity_lim'] = ConfigValue('Filter_Stitch', default=0.30, comment='')
115['fs_search_radius'] = ConfigValue('Filter_Stitch', default=8.0, comment='')
116['fs_stop_speed_det_lim'] = ConfigValue('Filter_Stitch', default=5.5, comment='')
117['fs_angle_similairty_deg'] = ConfigValue('Filter_Stitch', default=80.0, comment='')
119['class_svmType'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=100, comment='')
120['class_kernelType'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=2, comment='')
121['class_degree'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=0, comment='')
122['class_gamma'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=1, comment='')
123['class_coef0'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=0, comment='')
124['class_cvalue'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=1, comment='')
125['class_nu'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=0, comment='')
126['class_svmP'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=0, comment='')
127['class_useAllSites'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=False, comment='')
128['class_min_n_features'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=10, comment='')
129['class_PBV_SVMFilename'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default='modelPBV.xml', comment='filename of the general ped/cyc/veh SVM classifier')
130['class_BV_SVMFilename'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default='modelBV.xml', comment='filename of the cyc/veh SVM classifier')
131['class_PV_SVMFilename'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default='modelPV.xml', comment='filename of the cyc/veh SVM classifier')
132['class_PB_SVMFilename'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default='modelPB.xml', comment='filename of the cyc/veh SVM classifier')
133['class_percentIncreaseCrop'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=0.2, comment='percent increase of the max of width and height of the bounding box of features extracted for classification')
134['class_minNPixels'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=800, comment='min number of pixels in cropped image to classify by SVM')
135['class_hogRescaleSize'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=[64,64], c_struct='list1D', comment='square size to resize image crops for HoG computation')
136['class_hogNOrientations'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=9, comment='number of HoG orientation')
137['class_hogNPixelsPerCell'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=[8,8], c_struct='list1D', comment='number of pixels per cell for HoG computation')
138['class_hogNCellsPerBlock'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=[2,2], c_struct='list1D', comment='number of cells per block for HoG computation')
139['class_hogBlockNorm'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default='L1-sqrt', comment='block normalization method (L1, L1-sqrt, L2, L2-Hys)')
140['class_speedAggregationMeth'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default='median', comment='method to aggregate road user speed')
141['class_nFramesIgnoreAtEnds'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=2, comment='number of frames to ignore at both ends of a series (noisy)')
142['class_speedAggregationQuant'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=50, comment='quantile for the speed aggregation, if quantile is chosen')
143['class_minSpeedEquiprobable'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=3.33, comment='speed value below which all classes are equiprobable (distributions give odd values there) (km/h)')
144['class_maxPercentUnknown'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=0.66, comment='maximum proportion of the instants with unknow appearance classification to use speed information')
145['class_maxPedestrianSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=10.0, comment='maximum pedestrian speed (agregate: mean, median, 85th centile, etc.) 10 km/h')
146['class_maxCyclistSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=30.0, comment='maximum cyclist speed (agregate: mean, median, 85th centile, etc.) 30 km/h (3xped)')
147['class_meanPedestrianSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=4.91, comment='mean pedestrian speed (in a normal distribution) km/h')
148['class_stdPedestrianSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=0.88, comment='standard deviation pedestrian speed (in a normal distribution) km/h')
149['class_meanCyclistSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=15.0, comment='mean pedestrian speed (in a normal distribution) km/h')
150['class_stdCyclistSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=5.0, comment='standard deviation pedestrian speed (in a normal distribution) km/h')
151['class_meanVehicleSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=30.00, comment='mean vehicle speed (in a normal distribution) km/h')
152['class_stdVehicleSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=7.6, comment='standard deviation vehicle speed (in a normal distribution) km/h')
153['class_locationCyclistSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=2.31, comment='to multiply the parameters by a, loc = loc+ln(a)')
154['class_scaleCyclistSpeed'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=0.42, comment='')
155['class_candidates'] = ConfigValue('HOGClassification',default=[1,2,4], c_struct='list1D', comment='The user type numbers to identify when classifying')
157['event_label_1'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='Event 1', comment='')
158['event_label_2'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='Event 2', comment='')
159['event_label_3'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='Event 3', comment='')
160['event_label_4'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='Event 4', comment='')
161['event_label_5'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='Event 5', comment='')
162['event_label_6'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='', comment='')
163['event_label_7'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='', comment='')
164['event_label_8'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='', comment='')
165['event_label_9'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='', comment='')
166['event_label_10'] = ConfigValue('Event Labels' ,default='', comment='')
168  self.prepare()
169  updateNeeded = self.checkAutoUpdate()
170  self.parse()
171  if(updateNeeded): self.write()
174  if(self.scratch_disk == 'tmp'): self.temp_dir = gettempdir()
175  else: self.temp_dir = self.scratch_disk
176  if(not readonly and not self.readonly and not os.path.isfile(self.filename)):
177  print('Notice: No default configuration found. Creating new '+self.filename)
178  self.write()
179  self.event_labels = [x for x in [self.event_label_1,self.event_label_2,self.event_label_3,self.event_label_4,self.event_label_5,self.event_label_6,self.event_label_7,self.event_label_8,self.event_label_9,self.event_label_10] if x]
181  def __dir__(self): return
182  def __repr__(self): return '<tvaLib configuration settings>'
183  def __str__(self): return 'tvaLib configuration settings'
184  def __nonzero__(self): return True
185  def __getattr__(self, key):
186  try: return[key].value
187  except KeyError: raise AttributeError, key
188  def getMethod(self, key): return[key]
189  def setValue(self, key, value):[key].setValue(value)
191  def prepare(self):
192  for name in[name].name = name
193  def parse(self):
194  for name in[name].parse(parser=self.config)
195  def checkAutoUpdate(self):
196  for name in
197  if(not self.config.has_option([name].section,name)): return True
198  return False
200  def write(self, justifyCols=[30,50]):
201  with open(self.filename, 'w') as configfile:
202  for section in set([[name].section for name in]):
203  configfile.write('['+section+']\n')
204  for name in
205  if([name].section == section): configfile.write(name.ljust(justifyCols[0])+' = '+str([name].value).ljust(justifyCols[1])+' ; '+str([name].comment)+'\n')
206  configfile.write('\n')
208 class ConfigValue():
209  def __init__(self, section='section', name='name', default=None, value=None, c_struct='simple', comment=''):
210  self.section = section
211 = name
212  self.value = value
213  self.default = default
214  self.comment = comment
215  self.c_struct = c_struct
216  if(self.c_struct=='list1D'): self.c_type = type(default[0])
217  else: self.c_type = type(default)
219  def setValue(self, value): self.value = value
221  def parse(self, parser):
222  ''' Load configuration file values. '''
223  if(not parser.has_section(self.section)): parser.add_section(self.section)
224  if(not parser.has_option(self.section, parser.set(self.section,,str(self.default))
225  try:
226  if(self.c_type == int):
227  if(self.c_struct == 'list1D'): self.value = parse_list1D(parser.get(self.section,
228  else: self.value = parser.getint(self.section,
229  elif(self.c_type == float):
230  if(self.c_struct == 'list1D'): self.value = parse_list1D(parser.get(self.section,, i_type='float')
231  else: self.value = parser.getfloat(self.section,
232  elif(self.c_type == bool):
233  if(self.c_struct == 'list1D'): self.value = parse_list1D(parser.get(self.section,, i_type='bool')
234  else: self.value = parser.getboolean(self.section,
235  else:
236  if(self.c_struct == 'list1D'): self.value = parse_list1D(parser.get(self.section,, i_type='string')
237  else: self.value = parser.get(self.section,
238  except ValueError: raise Exception, [1001, 'Invalid value in configuration for parameter "''"']
239  except TypeError: import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
240  return True
247 def commands():
248  parser = ArgumentParser()
251  parser.add_argument('opt1', nargs='?')
252  parser.add_argument('opt2', nargs='?')
253  parser.add_argument('opt3', nargs='?')
256  parser.add_argument( '--concat', action='store_true', dest='concat', default=False, help='[bool] Run batch analysis on all sequences only (does not pre-treat sequences individually; assumes already pre-treated)')
257  parser.add_argument( '--skip-concat', action='store_true', dest='skip_concat', default=False, help='[bool] If concat is set to False, setting this to true will force concat mode to be skipped completly)')
258  parser.add_argument( '--multicore', action='store_true', dest='multicore', default=False, help='[bool] If set to true, and running multiple threads, a single child process will be spawned but this child will consume all normally available threads.')
259  parser.add_argument( '--configreadonly', action='store_true', dest='configreadonly', default=False, help='[bool] If set to true, configuration file will be be run in read-only mode (this corrects an issue with multiprocessing race conditions).')
260  parser.add_argument( '--oneseqpersite', action='store_true', dest='oneseqpersite', default=False, help='[bool] If set to true, only one sequence will be processed per site or site-analysis.')
263  parser.add_argument( '--cluster', type=str, dest='cluster', default='', help='[str] (A) Specify cluster of analyses by name. An empty string will process all clusters.')
264  parser.add_argument( '--export-csv', action='store_true', dest='export_csv', default=False, help='[bool] (A) Dump data to csv files.')
265  parser.add_argument( '--depth', type=int, dest='depth', default=2, help='[int] (A) Specify depth of analysis.')
268  parser.add_argument( '--create-camtype', action='store_true', dest='create_camtype', default=False, help='[bool] Create metadata element: camera type')
269  parser.add_argument( '--create-site', action='store_true', dest='create_site', default=False, help='[bool] Create metadata element: site')
270  parser.add_argument( '--create-view', action='store_true', dest='create_view', default=False, help='[bool] Create metadata element: camera view')
271  parser.add_argument( '--create-seqs', action='store_true', dest='create_seqs', default=False, help='[bool] Create metadata elements: sequences')
272  parser.add_argument( '--create-sa', action='store_true', dest='create_sa', default=False, help='[bool] Create metadata element: site-analysis')
273  parser.add_argument( '--create-analysis', action='store_true', dest='create_analysis', default=False, help='[bool] Create metadata element: analysis')
276  parser.add_argument( '--undistort', action='store_true', dest='undistort', default=False, help='[bool] Run undistortion functions')
277  parser.add_argument( '--framedump', action='store_true', dest='framedump', default=False, help='[bool] Force a frame dump of the selected sequence')
278  parser.add_argument( '--train-class', action='store_true', dest='train_classifier', default=False, help='[bool] Train classification algorythm')
279  parser.add_argument( '--test-class', action='store_true', dest='test_classifier', default=False, help='[bool] Test the trained classification algorythm')
280  parser.add_argument( '--extract-images', action='store_true', dest='extract_images', default=False, help='[bool] Use this option to extract images from selected sites')
281  parser.add_argument( '--homo', type=int, dest='homo', default=0, help='[int] Run homography functions with this many points')
282  parser.add_argument( '--homosatsrc', type=str, dest='homo_sat_src', default='', help='[str] Force loading a specific satellite image file by filename')
283  parser.add_argument( '--test-track', action='store_true', dest='test_track', default=False, help='[bool] Run tracking sequence test. Combine with -r for visual inspection.')
284  parser.add_argument( '--test-track-params', type=str, dest='test_track_param_filename', default='', help='[str] Path to file with tracking parameters to test. File should be a csv, one colum per param, with first line being the param name, and each subsequent line being one tast case.')
285  parser.add_argument( '--trafint', action='store_true', dest='trafint', default=False, help='[bool] Run trajectory extraction functions')
286  parser.add_argument( '--mota-opt-t', action='store_true', dest='mota_opt_t', default=False, help='[bool] Attempt an MOT optimisation (tracking and grouping parameters)')
287  parser.add_argument( '--mota-opt-g', action='store_true', dest='mota_opt_g', default=False, help='[bool] Attempt an MOT optimisation (grouping parameters)')
288  parser.add_argument( '--mota-opt-f', action='store_true', dest='mota_opt_f', default=False, help='[bool] Attempt an MOT optimisation (filtering parameters)')
289  parser.add_argument( '--del-tva', action='store_true', dest='detroy_tva_data', default=False, help='[bool] This destroys related saved tvaLib data (ALL data including, serialisation, events, results, figures), except for analysis output')
290  parser.add_argument( '--del-tva-traj', action='store_true', dest='detroy_tva_data_ser_traj', default=False, help='[bool] This destroys related saved tvaLib data (serialisation only)')
291  parser.add_argument( '--del-tidata', action='store_true', dest='detroy_ti_data', default=False, help='[bool] This destroys related TI tracking data')
292  parser.add_argument( '--del-fig-by-type', type=str, dest='detroy_figures_by_type', default='', help='[str] Flushes any saved figures of this specific type (by file extension)')
293  parser.add_argument( '--disk-space-usage', action='store_true', dest='disk_space_usage', default=False, help='[bool] Calculate disk space usage')
294  parser.add_argument( '--rfs', action='store_true', dest='rebuild_file_structure', default=False, help='[bool] Rebuild file structure (from root directory)')
295  parser.add_argument( '--rfs-from-disk', type=str, dest='rfs_from_disk', default='', help='[bool] Rebuild file structure (from root directory) copying metadata files from a source location')
298  parser.add_argument('-z', '--dir', type=str, dest='dir', default='', help='[str] Directory containing a specific database (overrides config)')
299  parser.add_argument('-d', '--dbn', type=str, dest='dbn', default='', help='[str] Load a specific database (overrides config)')
300  parser.add_argument( '--analysis', type=str, dest='analysis', default='', help='[str] Load specific analysis case')
301  parser.add_argument('-b', '--s-analysis', type=str, dest='s_analysis', default='', help='[str] Load specific site analysis case')
302  parser.add_argument('-s', '--site', type=str, dest='site', default='', help='[str] Load specific site')
303  parser.add_argument('-c', '--camera', type=str, dest='camera', default='', help='[str] Load specific camera')
304  parser.add_argument('-f', '--file', type=str, dest='file', default='', help='[str] Load specific sequence')
305  parser.add_argument( '--filename-override', type=str, dest='filename_override', default='', help='[str] Temporarily force a sequence to use this specific tracking file instead')
306  parser.add_argument('-k', '--no-track-filt', action='store_true', dest='no_track_filt', default=False, help='[bool] Disable filtering functions correcting tracking errors.')
307  parser.add_argument( '--force-reclassify', action='store_true', dest='force_reclassify', default=False, help='[bool] Force relcassification of tracked objects.')
308  parser.add_argument( '--commit-classify', action='store_true', dest='commit_classify', default=False, help='[bool] Commit classifications back to SQLite file for future use.')
309  parser.add_argument( '--no-filt', action='store_true', dest='no_filt', default=False, help='[bool] Disable ALL filtering functions (advanced usage only)')
310  parser.add_argument( '--proc-gt', action='store_true', dest='proc_gt', default=False, help='[bool] Process ground truth trajectories if available. Filters will be disabled.')
311  parser.add_argument( '--rej-s', type=str, dest='rej_site', default='', help='[str] Reject specific sites')
312  parser.add_argument( '--rej-c', type=str, dest='rej_cam', default='', help='[str] Reject specific camera')
313  parser.add_argument('-p', '--play', action='store_true', dest='play', default=False, help='[bool] Launch interactive object inspector or playback video during TI operations')
314  parser.add_argument( '--play-vid', action='store_true', dest='play_vid', default=False, help='[bool] Launch interactive video playback.')
315  parser.add_argument( '--play-filt', type=str, dest='play_filt', default='', help='[str] Launch interactive filtered object inspector, by designated type, e.g.: ie, bb, so, te, td, tc')
316  parser.add_argument( '--play-inf', action='store_true', dest='play_inf', default=False, help='[bool] Play video of infractions')
317  parser.add_argument( '--play-int', action='store_true', dest='play_int', default=False, help='[bool] Launch interactive interaction inspector')
318  parser.add_argument( '--annotate', action='store_true', dest='annotate', default=False, help='[bool] Launch interactive annotation tool.')
319  parser.add_argument('-w', '--fig', action='store_true', dest='fig_save', default=False, help='[bool] Generate figures')
320  parser.add_argument( '--fig-advanced', action='store_true', dest='fig_save_advanced', default=False, help='[bool] Generate advanced figures. These are very slow to generate or are experimental.')
321  parser.add_argument( '--figure-save-lan-a', action='store_true', dest='fig_save_lan_a', default=False, help='[bool] When saving figures, append language as suffix')
322  parser.add_argument( '--figure-format', type=str, dest='fig_format', default='png', help='[str] Force saving images to a particular format. Enter a supported extensions (e.g. png, svg, pdf). Default is .png')
323  parser.add_argument( '--figure-resize', type=float, dest='fig_resize', nargs=2, default=None, help='[float]Force figure resize upon saving, in inches. Format is newX.float newY.float. Print freindly size: "10 7". Default is set in config.')
324  parser.add_argument( '--figure-style', type=str, dest='fig_style', default='', help='[str] Load a matplotlib style by name. recommend "bmh". See plotSettings() for more info')
325  parser.add_argument('-a', '--save-data', action='store_true', dest='save_data', default=False, help='[bool] Saves raw operational data')
326  parser.add_argument( '--save-data-light', action='store_true', dest='save_data_light', default=False, help='[bool] Saves only essential raw operational data')
327  parser.add_argument('-x', '--export', action='store_true', dest='export_traj', default=False, help='[bool] Export trajectories')
328  parser.add_argument('-u', '--flush', action='store_true', dest='save_data_flush', default=False, help='[bool] Flushes any saved data')
329  parser.add_argument( '--flush-objects', action='store_true', dest='save_data_flush_objects', default=False, help='[bool] Flushes any saved objects only')
330  parser.add_argument( '--flush-indicators', action='store_true', dest='save_data_flush_indicators', default=False, help='[bool] Flushes any saved indicators only')
331  parser.add_argument( '--flush-dmp', action='store_true', dest='save_data_flush_dmp', default=False, help='[bool] Flushes any saved DMP data')
332  parser.add_argument( '--gen-dmp', action='store_true', dest='save_data_gen_dmp', default=False, help='[bool] In this mode, only DMP data will be generated, interactions will be skipped')
333  parser.add_argument( '--plot-dmp', action='store_true', dest='plot_dmp', default=False, help='[bool] Produce sample DMP plot')
334  parser.add_argument('-q', '--statistics', action='store_true', dest='stat', default=False, help='[bool] Dump statistics')
335  parser.add_argument( '--sample-traj', type=str, dest='sample_traj', default='', help='[str(int,list)] Declare to plot individual trajectory points (pre-filter)')
336  parser.add_argument('-r', '--draw', action='store_true', dest='draw', default=False, help='[bool] Run in basic draw mode')
337  parser.add_argument( '--draw-align', action='store_true', dest='draw_align', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (alignments)')
338  parser.add_argument( '--draw-align-no-trk', action='store_true', dest='draw_align_no_trk', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (alignments; without loading trajectories)')
339  parser.add_argument( '--draw-mask', action='store_true', dest='draw_mask', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (image mask)')
340  parser.add_argument( '--draw-mask2', action='store_true', dest='draw_mask2', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (image mask, option/view 2)')
341  parser.add_argument( '--draw-zone', action='store_true', dest='draw_zone', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (analysis zone)')
342  parser.add_argument( '--draw-loops', action='store_true', dest='draw_loops', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (loop detectors)')
343  parser.add_argument( '--draw-transform', action='store_true', dest='draw_transform', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (transform coordinates)')
344  parser.add_argument( '--draw-mhc', action='store_true', dest='mast_height_calibration', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (mast height calibration)')
345  parser.add_argument( '--draw-ml', action='store_true', dest='draw_mast_location', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (mast location)')
346  parser.add_argument( '--draw-hli', action='store_true', dest='draw_hli', default=False, help='[bool] If running an HLI module, special drawing console will be run')
347  parser.add_argument( '--draw-bounds', action='store_true', dest='draw_bounds', default=False, help='[bool] Run in draw mode (plotting bounds)')
348  parser.add_argument( '--auto-bounds', action='store_true', dest='auto_bounds', default=False, help='[bool] Automatically create bounds for sites missing bounds.')
349  parser.add_argument('-g', '--snap-align', action='store_true', dest='snap_align', default=False, help='[bool] Choose points to get alignment information')
350  parser.add_argument('-j', '--obj-highlight', action='store_true', dest='obj_highlight', default=False, help='[bool] Highlight specific object trajectories (interactively)')
351  parser.add_argument('-o', '--objects', type=int, dest='max_obj', default=-1, help='[int] Load a desired number of objects (-1 for all)')
352  parser.add_argument( '--start-time', type=int, dest='start_time', default=0, help='[int] Start at a desired time (in seconds)')
353  parser.add_argument( '--time', type=int, dest='time', default=0, help='[int] Load a desired duration of time (in seconds, 0 for all)')
354  parser.add_argument('-t', '--threads', type=int, dest='threads', default=1, help='[int] Multi-core where possible with this many threads')
355  parser.add_argument('-i', '--indicators', type=str, dest='indicators', default='', help='[str(int,list)] 1D list of PredictionParameters to use; default = [0]; or turn off conflict analysis with -i []')
356  parser.add_argument( '--concat-data', action='store_true', dest='concat_mode', default=False, help='[bool] This mode wil concatenate result chunks into one result')
357  parser.add_argument('-l', '--log', action='store_true', dest='logging', default=False, help='[bool] Dump output to log.')
358  parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', type=int, dest='verbose', default=1, help='[int] Level of detail of results')
359  parser.add_argument( '--suppress-features', action='store_true', dest='suppress_features', default=False, help='[bool] Use this to suppress loading of features (not recommended for inexperienced users)')
360  parser.add_argument( '--mem-clean-feature', action='store_true', dest='memory_clean_feature', default=False, help='[bool] Purge features as soon as possible to save memory (recommended to use if running into memory issues with particularly large trajectory data sets)')
361  parser.add_argument( '--stitch', action='store_true', dest='stitch', default=False, help='[bool] Enable trajectory stitching between multiple cameras (currently unsupported)')
362  parser.add_argument('-e', '--interactive', action='store_true', dest='interactive', default=False, help='[bool] Toggle interactive selection mode')
363  parser.add_argument( '--interactive-opt', action='store_true', dest='interactive_opt', default=False, help='[bool] Toggle interactive commands')
364  parser.add_argument('-y', '--hli', type=str, dest='hli', default='', help='[str] Load high-level analysis module of this name')
365  parser.add_argument( '--hli-only', action='store_true', dest='hli_only', default=False, help='[bool] Skip normal analysis and process HLI only')
366  parser.add_argument( '--hli-report', action='store_true', dest='hli_report', default=False, help='[bool] Generate an automated report using an HLI extension if available. Check the extension\'s documentation to see if it expects additional/specific commands to be used for proper formatting')
367  parser.add_argument('-m', '--mot', action='store_true', dest='mot', default=False, help='[bool] Perform MOT (external dependency) ground truth analysis on objects after filtering')
368  parser.add_argument('-n', '--lan', type=str, dest='language', default='', help='[str] Specify output language (defaults to that specified in config file)')
369  parser.add_argument( '--legacy', action='store_true', dest='legacy', default=False, help='[bool] This command can be used to force legacy modes (for advanced users only)')
370  parser.add_argument( '--timeseries', type=int, dest='timeseries', nargs=2, default=False, help='[int] Enable timeseries analysis between these two objects')
371  parser.add_argument( '--infractions', action='store_true', dest='infractions', default=False, help='[bool] Enable infraction detection (experimental)')
372  parser.add_argument( '--max-ucon-obj', type=int, dest='max_ucon_obj', default=150, help='[int] Maximum number of unconstrained objects to store in memory automatically for plotting purposes (set to 0 to save memory.)')
375  commands = parser.parse_args()
378  if(commands.interactive_opt):
379  inp = raw_input('Interactive command mode elected. Enter some command line arguments\nnow to override defaults: ')
380  import shlex
381  try: commands = parser.parse_args(shlex.split(inp))
382  except: print 'Warning: Commands failed. Ignoring user input.'
385  if( or
386  commands.play_vid or
387  commands.play_filt or
388  commands.play_inf or
389  commands.play_int or
390  commands.annotate): commands.f_tk_interface = True
391  else: commands.f_tk_interface = False
392  if(commands.draw):
393  commands.draw_mask = True
394  commands.draw_align = True
395  commands.draw_zone = True
396  commands.draw_bounds = True
397  if(commands.homo or
398  commands.test_track or
399  commands.draw_align or
400  commands.draw_align_no_trk or
401  commands.draw_mask or
402  commands.draw_zone or
403  commands.draw_loops or
404  commands.draw_transform or
405  commands.draw_bounds or
406  commands.snap_align or
407  commands.obj_highlight or
408  commands.draw_hli or
409  commands.mast_height_calibration): commands.f_interface = True
410  else: commands.f_interface = False
411  if(commands.save_data_gen_dmp or
412  commands.plot_dmp or
413  commands.indicators):
414  commands.max_ucon_obj = None
415  commands.memory_clean_feature = True
427  return commands
433  def __init__(self, **kwargs):
434  import prediction as TrafIntPrediction
435  import lib.prediction_DMP as tvaPrediction
436 = [PredictionMethod(label='Constant Velocity', label_short='cvl', idx=0, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.ConstantPredictionParameters, **kwargs),
437  PredictionMethod(label='Normal Adaptation', label_short='nad', idx=1, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.NormalAdaptationPredictionParameters, **kwargs),
438  PredictionMethod(label='Point Set Prediction', label_short='psp', idx=2, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.PointSetPredictionParameters, **kwargs),
439  PredictionMethod(label='Evasive Action', label_short='eva', idx=3, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.EvasiveActionPredictionParameters, useFeatures=False, nPredictedTrajectories=100, maxAcceleration=4.3, **kwargs),
440  PredictionMethod(label='Feature Evasive Action', label_short='fea', idx=4, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.EvasiveActionPredictionParameters, useFeatures=True, nPredictedTrajectories=10, maxAcceleration=4.3, **kwargs),
441  PredictionMethod(label='Curvilinear Motion Pattern', label_short='cmp', idx=5, paramClass=tvaPrediction.MotionPattern, protocol='dmp', prepare=True, **kwargs)]
443  def setCameraSettings(self, **kwargs):
444  for data in
445  data.setCameraSettings(**kwargs)
446  return True
449  def __init__(self, label, label_short, idx, paramClass, protocol='ccc', prepare=False, **kwargs):
450  self.label = label
451  self.label_short = label_short
452  self.idx = idx
453  self.paramClass = paramClass
454  self.protocol = protocol
455  self.prepare_ = prepare
456  self.params = PredictionParams(protocol=self.protocol, **kwargs)
457  self.predictionClass = None
459  def setCameraSettings(self, **kwargs): return self.params.setCameraSettings(**kwargs)
460  def setAccelerationDistribution(self, value): self.params.setAccelerationDistribution(value)
461  def setSteeringDistribution(self, value): self.params.setSteeringDistribution(value)
463  def getPrepare(self): return self.prepare_
466  if(self.predictionClass is not None): return self.predictionClass
467  return self.paramClass(**self.stripKwargsForUncleanTarget(self.params.getParamDict()))
469  def storePredictionClass(self): self.predictionClass = self.getPredictionClass()
471  def prepare(self, *args):
472  if(self.predictionClass is None): self.storePredictionClass()
473  return self.predictionClass.prepare(*args, **self.params.getParamDict())
475  def export(self, path=''):
476  if(self.predictionClass is not None): return self.predictionClass.export(path=path, **self.params.getParamDict())
477  return False
479  def stripKwargsForUncleanTarget(self, kwargs):
480  if(len(kwargs) <= 0): return {}
481  from inspect import getargspec as inspect_getargspec
482  args = inspect_getargspec(self.paramClass.__init__)
483  for kwarg in kwargs:
484  if(not kwarg in args.args):
485  kwargs[kwarg] = None
486  return dict((k, v) for k, v in kwargs.iteritems() if v)
490  def __init__(self, protocol='ccc', maxSpeed=50, nPredictedTrajectories=3, minAcceleration=-2.0, maxAcceleration=2.0, maxSteering=0.2, useFeatures=False, mps_to_kmh=3.6, timeHorizon=1.5, speedBinNum=7, curvilinearBinSize=3, motPatBinNum=40, minSampleSize=50, probRetentionThreshold=0.00001, motPatBinSize=[1,1], xy_bounds=None, allowImport=True, importLocations='', customSpeedRange=None, results_path='', verbose=0, version=''):
491  self.protocol = protocol
492  self.framerate = 15.0
493  self.mps_to_kmh = 3.6
494  self.maxSpeed = maxSpeed
495  self.nPredictedTrajectories = nPredictedTrajectories
496  self.minAcceleration = minAcceleration
497  self.maxAcceleration = maxAcceleration
498  self.maxSteering = maxSteering
499  self.useFeatures = useFeatures
503  self.minSampleSize = minSampleSize
504  self.probRetentionThreshold = probRetentionThreshold
505  self.alignments = None
506  self.timeHorizon = timeHorizon
507  self.speedBinNum = speedBinNum
508  self.curvilinearBinSize = curvilinearBinSize
509  self.motPatBinNum = motPatBinNum
510  self.motPatBinSize = motPatBinSize
511  self.xy_bounds = xy_bounds
512  self.allowImport = allowImport
513  self.importLocations = importLocations
514  self.customSpeedRange = customSpeedRange
515  self.results_path = results_path
516  self.verbose = verbose
517  self.version = version
519  def setCameraSettings(self, framerate=15.0, alignments=None):
520  self.framerate = float(framerate)
521  self.alignments = alignments
522  return True
523  def setAccelerationDistribution(self, value): self.accelerationDistribution = value
524  def setSteeringDistribution(self, value): self.steeringDistribution = value
526  def getMaxSpeed(self): return self.maxSpeed
527  def getNPredictedTrajectories(self): return self.nPredictedTrajectories
528  def getMinAcceleration(self): return self.minAcceleration/self.framerate**2
529  def getMaxAcceleration(self): return self.maxAcceleration/self.framerate**2
530  def getMaxSteering(self): return self.maxSteering/self.framerate
531  def getUseFeatures(self): return self.useFeatures
532  def getAccelerationDistribution(self): return self.accelerationDistribution
533  def getSteeringDistribution(self): return self.steeringDistribution
535  def getMinSampleSize(self): return self.minSampleSize
536  def getProbRetentionThreshold(self): return self.probRetentionThreshold
537  def getAlignments(self): return self.alignments
538  def getSpeed_conv(self): return self.framerate*self.mps_to_kmh
539  def getTimeHorizon(self): return int(self.timeHorizon*self.framerate)
540  def getSpeedBinNum(self): return self.speedBinNum
541  def getCurvilinearBinSize(self): return self.curvilinearBinSize
542  def getMotPatBinNum(self): return self.motPatBinNum
543  def getMotPatBinSize(self): return self.motPatBinSize
544  def getXy_bounds(self): return self.xy_bounds
545  def getAllowImport(self): return self.allowImport
546  def getImportLocations(self): return self.importLocations
547  def getCustomSpeedRange(self): return self.customSpeedRange
548  def getResults_path(self): return self.results_path
549  def getVerbose(self): return self.verbose
550  def getVersion(self): return self.version
553  def getParamDict(self):
554  if(self.protocol=='ccc'): return {'maxSpeed': self.getMaxSpeed(),
555  'nPredictedTrajectories': self.getNPredictedTrajectories(),
556  'minAcceleration': self.getMinAcceleration(),
557  'maxAcceleration': self.getMaxAcceleration(),
558  'maxSteering': self.getMaxSteering(),
559  'useFeatures': self.getUseFeatures(),
560  'accelerationDistribution': self.getAccelerationDistribution(),
561  'steeringDistribution': self.getSteeringDistribution()}
562  else: return {'minSampleSize': self.getMinSampleSize(),
563  'probRetentionThreshold': self.getProbRetentionThreshold(),
564  'maxSpeed': self.getMaxSpeed(),
565  'alignments': self.getAlignments(),
566  'speed_conv': self.getSpeed_conv(),
567  'timeHorizon': self.getTimeHorizon(),
568  'speedBinNum': self.getSpeedBinNum(),
569  'curvilinearBinSize': self.getCurvilinearBinSize(),
570  'motPatBinNum': self.getMotPatBinNum(),
571  'motPatBinSize': self.getMotPatBinSize(),
572  'xy_bounds': self.getXy_bounds(),
573  'allowImport': self.getAllowImport(),
574  'importLocations': self.getImportLocations(),
575  'customSpeedRange': self.getCustomSpeedRange(),
576  'results_path': self.getResults_path(),
577  'verbose': self.getVerbose(),
578  'version': self.getVersion()}
580  def cleanUp(self):
581  self.accelerationDistribution = None
582  self.steeringDistribution = None
585  def __init__(self, **kwargs):
586 = [AggMethod('all', 'all'),
587  AggMethod('unique 15th', '15t', method=1, percentile=0.15),
588  AggMethod('unique min', 'min', method=1),
589  AggMethod('unique max prob', 'maxProb', method=3, percentile=0.85)]
591 class AggMethod():
592  def __init__(self, label='', label_short='', method=0, percentile=0.0):
593  ''' Methods:
594  ========
595  0 = all indicators
596  1 = percentile indicator
597  3 = percentile prob
598  '''
599  self.label = label
600  self.label_short = label_short
601  self.method = method
602  self.percentile = percentile
606  def __init__(self, **kwargs):
607 = [InteractionClassificationMethod('head-on', 'head', incidenceAngleRanges=[[150,210]]),
608  InteractionClassificationMethod('side-swipe', 'side', incidenceAngleRanges=[[30,150],[210,270]]),
609  InteractionClassificationMethod('rear-end', 'rear', incidenceAngleRanges=[[0,30],[270,360]])]
612  def __init__(self, label='', label_short='', incidenceAngleRanges=[[0,360]]):
613  self.label = label
614  self.label_short = label_short
615  self.incidenceAngleRanges = incidenceAngleRanges
620 class Fore(object):
621  ''' Override ANSI colour classes if colorama is not installed. '''
622  def __init__(self, forceOff=False):
623  if(platform == 'win32' or forceOff): self.disable()
624  else: self.enable()
625  def disable(self):
626  self.BLACK = ''
627  self.RED = ''
628  self.GREEN = ''
629  self.YELLOW = ''
630  self.BLUE = ''
631  self.MAGENTA = ''
632  self.CYAN = ''
633  self.WHITE = ''
634  self.RESET = ''
635  def enable(self):
636  self.BLACK = '\033[30m'
637  self.RED = '\033[31m'
638  self.GREEN = '\033[32m'
639  self.YELLOW = '\033[33m'
640  self.BLUE = '\033[34m'
641  self.MAGENTA = '\033[35m'
642  self.CYAN = '\033[36m'
643  self.WHITE = '\033[37m'
644  self.RESET = '\033[39m'
646 class Back(object):
647  ''' Override ANSI colour classes if colorama is not installed. '''
648  def __init__(self, forceOff=False):
649  if(platform == 'win32' or forceOff): self.disable()
650  else: self.enable()
651  def disable(self):
652  self.BLACK = ''
653  self.RED = ''
654  self.GREEN = ''
655  self.YELLOW = ''
656  self.BLUE = ''
657  self.MAGENTA = ''
658  self.CYAN = ''
659  self.WHITE = ''
660  self.RESET = ''
661  def enable(self):
662  self.BLACK = '\033[40m'
663  self.RED = '\033[41m'
664  self.GREEN = '\033[42m'
665  self.YELLOW = '\033[43m'
666  self.BLUE = '\033[44m'
667  self.MAGENTA = '\033[45m'
668  self.CYAN = '\033[46m'
669  self.WHITE = '\033[47m'
670  self.RESET = '\033[49m'
672 class Style(object):
673  ''' Override ANSI colour classes if colorama is not installed. '''
674  def __init__(self, forceOff=False):
675  if(platform == 'win32' or forceOff): self.disable()
676  else: self.enable()
677  def disable(self):
678  self.DIM = ''
679  self.NORMAL = ''
680  self.BRIGHT = ''
681  self.RESET_ALL = ''
682  def enable(self):
683  self.DIM = '\033[0m'
684  self.NORMAL = '\033[1m'
685  self.BRIGHT = '\033[2m'
686  self.RESET_ALL = '\033[m'
690 class NullWriter(object):
691  ''' Override console output method
693  Example usage:
694  ==============
695  oldstdout = sys.stdout;sys.stdout = NullWriter()
697  Example restore:
698  ================
699  sys.stdout = oldstdout #Re-enable output
700  '''
701  def write(self, arg):
702  pass
def write(self, arg)
def setSteeringDistribution(self, value)
def setValue(self, value)
def export(self, path='')
def setCameraSettings(self, framerate=15.0, alignments=None)
def __init__(self, kwargs)
def __init__(self, label='', label_short='', method=0, percentile=0.0)
def __init__(self, forceOff=False)
def __dir__(self)
def stripKwargsForUncleanTarget(self, kwargs)
def __init__(self, readonly=False, filename='tva.cfg')
def setAccelerationDistribution(self, value)
def __init__(self, protocol='ccc', maxSpeed=50, nPredictedTrajectories=3, minAcceleration=-2.0, maxAcceleration=2.0, maxSteering=0.2, useFeatures=False, mps_to_kmh=3.6, timeHorizon=1.5, speedBinNum=7, curvilinearBinSize=3, motPatBinNum=40, minSampleSize=50, probRetentionThreshold=0.00001, motPatBinSize=[1, xy_bounds=None, allowImport=True, importLocations='', customSpeedRange=None, results_path='', verbose=0, version='')
def __init__(self, label, label_short, idx, paramClass, protocol='ccc', prepare=False, kwargs)
Interaction configruation.
def setCameraSettings(self, kwargs)
def getAccelerationDistribution(self)
def getNPredictedTrajectories(self)
def __repr__(self)
def enable(self)
def disable(self)
def checkAutoUpdate(self)
def setSteeringDistribution(self, value)
def commands()
def __init__(self, forceOff=False)
def disable(self)
def parse(self, parser)
def enable(self)
def __init__(self, kwargs)
def __nonzero__(self)
def prepare(self)
def setAccelerationDistribution(self, value)
def getProbRetentionThreshold(self)
def prepare(self, args)
def write(self, justifyCols=[30)
def setValue(self, key, value)
def getMethod(self, key)
The following objects define generic constructors.
def __init__(self, section='section', name='name', default=None, value=None, c_struct='simple', comment='')
Initial settings.
def __init__(self, forceOff=False)
def disable(self)
def __init__(self, label='', label_short='', incidenceAngleRanges=[[0)
def parse(self)
def enable(self)
def setCameraSettings(self, kwargs)