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Public Member Functions

def genPairs (self, objects, searchRange=50)
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def __init__ (self, objects, methodName='default', kwargs)
def __len__ (self)
def __getitem__ (self, i)
def __setitem__ (self, i, value)
def __iter__ (self)
def __str__ (self)
def __add__ (self, userPairs)
def genPairs (self, objects, maxUserPairs=4000, max_distance=50.0, searchRange=50, verbose=0)
def genExposure (self, objFrameTable, label='300 frames', frames=300)
def importPairs (self, paths, version=None, filename='')
def exportPairs (self, path, version=None, filename='')
def getInstantCount (self)
def getInstantWIndicatorCount (self)
def getIntWTTCCount (self)
def calculateIndicators (self, predictionMethod, triage=False, threads=1, collisionDistanceThreshold=1.5, timeHorizon=100, chunkSize=100, shortcircuit=True, verbose=0)
def computeCrossingsCollisionsWorkerCallback (self, packagedData)
def distributeIndicatorWorkerResults (self)
def getPointList (self, method=0, percentile=0.15, minimumProbability=0.0, format='points', userType1=None, userType2=None, originLane1=None, originLane2=None, destLane1=None, destLane2=None, kwargs)
def genIndicatorDistribution (self, indicator_list=None, dist_type='pdf', bins=range(0, 100, 1), normalise=False, kwargs)
def dropSafetyIndicatorsByValue (self, kwargs)
def constrainToZone (self, zone)
def garbageCollectObjectData (self)
def repopulateObjectData (self, objects, graceful=True)
def merge (self, source)

Public Attributes

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 Static input. More...
 Store data. More...
 Determine nearest distance. More...
 Prune list down. More...
 Enable and ensure pickling support of instance methods for multithreading. More...
 Process. More...
 For each unmerged result, merge data. More...
 Progress update. More...

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Member Function Documentation

◆ genPairs()

def (   self,
  searchRange = 50 
Extend UserPairs to generate interactions with sorties de route (run off the road). 

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729  def genPairs(self, objects, searchRange=50):
730  ''' Extend UserPairs to generate interactions with sorties de route (run off the road). '''
731 = []
732  num = 0
733  for ix in range(len(objects)):
734, commonTimeInterval, objects[ix].num, 0, objects[ix], 0))
735  num += 1
736  return True

Member Data Documentation

◆ data

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