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include.config.PredictionMethods Class Reference

Interaction configruation. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, kwargs)
def setCameraSettings (self, kwargs)
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Public Attributes

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Detailed Description

Interaction configruation.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def include.config.PredictionMethods.__init__ (   self,

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433  def __init__(self, **kwargs):
434  import prediction as TrafIntPrediction
435  import lib.prediction_DMP as tvaPrediction
436 = [PredictionMethod(label='Constant Velocity', label_short='cvl', idx=0, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.ConstantPredictionParameters, **kwargs),
437  PredictionMethod(label='Normal Adaptation', label_short='nad', idx=1, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.NormalAdaptationPredictionParameters, **kwargs),
438  PredictionMethod(label='Point Set Prediction', label_short='psp', idx=2, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.PointSetPredictionParameters, **kwargs),
439  PredictionMethod(label='Evasive Action', label_short='eva', idx=3, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.EvasiveActionPredictionParameters, useFeatures=False, nPredictedTrajectories=100, maxAcceleration=4.3, **kwargs),
440  PredictionMethod(label='Feature Evasive Action', label_short='fea', idx=4, paramClass=TrafIntPrediction.EvasiveActionPredictionParameters, useFeatures=True, nPredictedTrajectories=10, maxAcceleration=4.3, **kwargs),
441  PredictionMethod(label='Curvilinear Motion Pattern', label_short='cmp', idx=5, paramClass=tvaPrediction.MotionPattern, protocol='dmp', prepare=True, **kwargs)]

Member Function Documentation

◆ setCameraSettings()

def include.config.PredictionMethods.setCameraSettings (   self,

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443  def setCameraSettings(self, **kwargs):
444  for data in
445  data.setCameraSettings(**kwargs)
446  return True

Member Data Documentation

◆ data

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